Apartments to Rent in Costa Del Sol

Apartments to Rent in Costa Del Sol

When you’re looking for your holiday accommodation, there are a lot of boxes that you need to tick. You need to find somewhere that suits your budget, while allowing you to have the Costa Del Sol holiday that you’re hoping to have.

AC Holiday Rentals have helped a large number of tourists like yourself find the perfect apartment for them, all without breaking the bank. Plus, thanks to our personal wealth of experience with the area, we can give you valuable advice on all aspects of your trip.

So if you’re looking to find the ideal holiday apartment in Costa Del Sol for you and your holiday, why not take a look at our properties?

    What should I look for in an apartment?

    When you’re looking for a holiday apartment, there are going to be certain criteria particular to you that you’ll want to meet. Some people might prefer an apartment set in the city centre from where they can easily explore, while other people might want somewhere secluded and peaceful.
    But regardless of what your preference is, there are certain things you should consider, such as:

    • Location – having an apartment situated near transport links, restaurants, or whatever else is important for you can massively cut down on time and expenses when exploring
    • Price – you can find apartments in a wide range of prices, each with their own incentives
    • Size – it’s important that you find an apartment that’s the right size for your group, and has the right amount of beds
    • Features – Decide what features an apartment could have which are non-negotiable for you, whether it be a swimming pool,washing machine, orsomething else entirely.
    Costa Del Sol Holiday Lettings
    Costa Del Sol Holiday Lettings

    How do I find a good apartment?

    Finding a good apartment can take a lot of time, especially if you’re going to a popular holiday destination which has thousands of apartments to choose from.
    Your first step will be to get an idea of where you want to stay. Some holiday rental companies, such as AC Holiday Rentals, specialise in certain areas, meaning that they’ll have a great local knowledge and will be able to give you some useful advice and suggestions.

    After this, it’s a matter of searching through the different properties until you find one that meets your criteria. If possible, don’t forget to check the properties ratings or comments from previous visitors so you can get an idea of whether people enjoyed their stay.

    Why should I rent an apartment?

    Trying to find out where you’re going to stay is usually one of the first tasks to tackle when you’re booking your holiday. Where you stay can have a knock on effect for the rest of your holiday, influencing what you do and where you go.
    And usually, the first question to answer is whether you want to stay in a hotel or an apartment. While hotels have their own appeal, staying in an apartment provides several great benefits, including:​

    • Space – having your own apartment gives you much more space than you’d probably get from a hotel room
    • Budget – Apartments tend to be cheaper than hotels, meaning you can get a lot more for your money
    • Privacy – having your own apartment means you have privacy at all times, not just when you’re in your bedroom
    • Flexibility – being able to plan your meals around your itinerary is much easier than trying you plan your itinerary around when the hotel is serving meals
    • Comfort – Apartments tend to be more comfortable and can feel like home
    • Practical – many apartments have kitchens, washing machines and other hand
      features, meaning you can save money on food, washing and other chores if you
      decide to
    Costa Del Sol Holiday Lettings


    How much does an apartment cost in Costa Del Sol?

    Prices will vary depending on several factors, such as size, location, and whether it has perks such as a swimming pool. However, the total average price is £180 per night, but there are apartments available both much cheaper and much more expensive than this.

    Will an apartment with a pool cost more?

    While you can find apartments with a pool which will cost less than others that don’t, you should generally expect to pay slightly more for an apartment which has a pool.

    The perfect accommodation for any holiday​

    At AC Holiday Rentals, we’re well qualified to help you find the perfect Costa Del Sol holiday accommodation for you. We’ve used our great local knowledge of the area to help

    • Wide range of choice – No matter what kind of holiday you have in mind, and regardless of your budget, we have a wide range of choices that mean you’ll be sure to find the perfect accommodation for you
    • Competitive prices – all of our properties are competitively priced, giving you a larger budget for the rest of your holiday
    • Great customer service – We work hard to help you find the perfect apartment, and if you should face any issues at any point, we’re always happy to go the extra mile to help.If you’re looking for holiday accommodation in Costa Del Sol, then get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you find your perfect holiday rental.